Welcome to TzDutch


We focus on Secure, Stable infrastructure and painless payments.
Anonymity for both you and us.

Start earning Tezos today

With simple steps you can start delegate your funds from your own wallet without putting them at risk.

See our guides for more info.

Our Tezos Baker address


Adding funds while our service is full(even to existing accounts), will result in non-payments of this amount.
Internal or external rewards payments are allowed for existing customers.

Stats and Infomation

We are currently open for more delegations!

We are currently FULL, please join our telegram for questions.

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Fast and Painless payments

Payments are sent as fast a possible, and we do not demand any infomation from you for our service.

Security and peace of mind

We have a strong focus on security and redundancy.
HSM modules are used for all services.

It’s personal

TzDutch is a fulltime job for us, focus is on the right things