General FAQ:

Who is the TzDutch team?

We are two guys that have been in the cryptosphere since 2012, been involved in different projects since then.

How fast will i get paid when delegating to TzDutch?

Example on payout:
Cycle 20 – You start delegating to TzDutch
Cycle 27 – Tezos Blockchain gives us access to your delegated funds
Cycle 33 – Rewards for Cycle 27 will be unfrozen for us to forward to your KT1 address

What is the minimum i can delegate?

We will accept any amount, but payouts might be adjusted when fees are forced to be higher than zero.

Where will the payment come from?

We have started using a new payout address instead of sending directly from the bond account.

The new address is tz1dutchdwnVhsR7HB7HGWdDBZsHQdzrMDuk

Main goal is to make sure payments are done as soon as the new cycle starts so it gets added to the total amount you are delegating.

Do you have a dashboard where i can see all my stats?

This is available under the stats link in the menu bar.

You will be able to see both Global TzDutch stats and your personal stats with scrolling down to the list, and search and click your KT1 address.

Why is the TzDutch team anonymous?

For both your and our security, making sure we dont get any interuptions in the delegation service.

Do i take any risks delegating funds to your service?

All funds will still be in your own wallet, so there is no risk involved.

Do you have info about our Baker/Validator setup?

On Duty 24/7/365 personell
Redundant datacenter locations
Redundant hardware with redundant components
Dynamic and DDoS resistent sentry nodes
Network seperation
Hardware Security Modules
Armed Cats

Ledger proof – Image link

YubiHSM proof – Image link

How can i contact the TzDutch team?

You can find us at Telegram – or email us at [email protected]

Will my rewards be able to compound?

We will send you the rewards to your KT1 address so it will automaticly be compounding for you

Can you give me less than 10% fee?

No we don’t offer discounts for anyone. We feel the 10% is more than fair considering we run a secure high available setup across multiple locations to keep our baking quality as high as possible.