How to delegate to TzDutch with Galleon wallet

Step 1

This guide expect that you have a account created on Galleon wallet, and that you have enough funds in your tz1… address to create a KT1 address.

  • Press the “Add a Delegate +” button to get started

Step 2

  • Fill in our Delegation address: tz1PesW5khQNhy4revu2ETvMtWPtuVyH2XkZ
  • Choose how much you want to move from your tz1.. address to the new KT1.. address that will be delegating to TzDutch
  • Fee can be zero, but you will need to pay an amount of 0.257 Tezos to create the new KT1.. address
  • Fill in your wallet password and press Delegate button

Step 3

  • You might need to wait a few minutes before anything shows in your wallet.
  • There is a Refresh button in the top right corner you can use if things take to long.

Step 4

  • Verify that your new KT1 address is delegated to TzDutch address tz1PesW5khQNhy4revu2ETvMtWPtuVyH2XkZ
  • Verify that you have put the amount you want to delegate in your new KT1.. address

Step 5

Congrats, you are now delegating to our service.
We are happy to have you onboard.