How to delegate to TzDutch with tezbox web wallet

Step 1

This guide expect that you have a account created on tezbox web wallet, and that you have enough funds to create a KT1 address.

  • Login into you web wallet at
  • Press ADD ACCOUNT on the left side of the wallet

Step 2

  • Press Yes, continue if you have enough funds available in your tz1 account

Step 3

  • Give the creation of your new KT1 address a few minutes to be added to the block, before going to the next step.

Step 4

  • Click on your new KT1.. address
  • Click the DELEGATE Tab
  • Make sure that the first box contains the “Custom” choice
  • Fill in TzDutch delegate address tz1PesW5khQNhy4revu2ETvMtWPtuVyH2XkZ into the next box
  • Click UPDATE DELEGATE when your done.

Step 5

  • REMEMBER to transfer funds from your tz1 address to your new KT1 address

Step 6

Congrats, you are now delegating to our service.
We are happy to have you onboard.